You Can Recover To Be Awesome

Tony Hughes

Tash Sultana's grandfather gave her a guitar at the age of 3 and as a teenager, she was already masterful with 10 instruments including trumpet. But when she left the school she couldn't get a 'real job' and had no idea what she wanted to do other than play music. She was drifting along enjoying life but one particular drug session resulted in a very 'bad trip'... so bad that she suffered a serious and terrifying mental illness from which it took 9 months to recover. It scared her like nothing else and as she slowly got better, Tash focused on her love of music and amped-up her dedication in embracing the technologies that enabled her to be an incredible 'one woman band' who fuses genres of music like nobody else.

Together talent & technology enable you to blow people away with the value you deliver

Right now she is the biggest thing at music festivals in Australia. Watch this video and be amazed. She 'samples' (records) what she performs and then loops the recordings to layer the tracks. Every single thing you hear is done live, with no pre-recordings. This live video recording is of her original song, Jungle, and was shot in her lounge room and uploaded to YouTube... it went viral overnight with well over 3 million views.

Tash is an 'authentic' artist who does more than just perform, she becomes completely immersed in what she is doing. No ego. Just passion and giving 100% to an amalgam of jazz, blues, R&B, folk, rock, and techno. You cannot help but be drawn in as you move from curiosity to intrigue before being blown away with her skill, artistry and how she takes you on an emotional journey... layer, by layer, by layer.

People buy-in to those who are authentic & give themselves completely to their audience

You may have had big failures in your life or maybe you've suffered from a disability, setbacks or bad luck. No matter our circumstances, we get to choose what we will do with our time, our energy, our talent and our future. We can become bitter about failure or choose to become better at what we do. We can become depressed about the circumstance or we can become determined to transcend. It is a timeless truth that we become what we think about and the ancient Aramaic word 'abracadabra' literally means 'what I speak is what I create'. Yet we must also dedicate ourselves to become masterful in execution and go beyond discipline to instead have winning habits.

Be the person worthy of the success you seek. Earn the right and give yourself completely to what you pursue.

Selling is about telling your story in ways that engage the audience or the buyer. There is much to learn from musicians because they operate in hugely competitive environments where they struggle for cut-through and have to constantly deal with rejection. Be like Tash Sultana... become masterful and breakthrough by combining your unique value with technology to execute at amazing levels and increase your market reach by leveraging all the platforms available to you, including YouTube.

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