Discipline Equals Freedom

Tony Hughes

"The truth will set you free." Jocko Willink (originally said by Jesus in John 8:32)



The cumulative impact of daily Prospecting unlocks sales success like nothing else. Just like Iannarino and Blount state, "one can't cram fitness." And so it is with filling your funnel. I've found that if I get in 30 minutes of exercise every day I'm alive and 30 outbound touches that my health, mental focus, well being, and bank account will always be in good shape.

The title of this post is the name of an extraordinary book by Jocko Willink, an elite Navy Seal and a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu who led efforts in Iraq. He's the embodiment of iron will, mind over matter, and self-discipline. Now he's Consulting companies on how to change the ground rules on that battlefield.

Sometimes the best books ever written on sales aren't sales books at all.

The precursor to combo mastery is mastering oneself. You must be willing to put in the work, lift the receiver, feel the fear and do it anyway, cold calling right to the CEO!

Jocko wisdom: Don't expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You won't be. Don't count on motivation. Count on Discipline. (Iron will). Stop researching every aspect of it and reading all about it and debating the pros and cons of it ... Start doing it. (Action bias vs. analysis paralysis). With myself, I have to hold the line. There are areas within myself where I CANNOT compromise. I am going to work hard. I am going to train hard. I am going to improve myself. I am not going to rest on my laurels. I am going to own my mistakes and confront them. I am going to face my demons. I'm not going to give up, or give out, or give in. I'm going to stand. I am going to maintain my self-discipline. And on those points, there will be No Compromise. NOT NOW. NOT EVER. (Work on yourself, master the internal game)

Jocko's podcast and books are an internet sensation after his Leadership TEDx on "Extreme Ownership" and Tim Ferriss features. He reminds us of the simplicity of daily execution. His biggest secret is getting up early and starting every day with the toughest stuff you really don't want to do but know you should like squats.

Where Jocko meets COMBO is fearlessness of calling high on dream accounts. That's hard, do it before 9am. Start every day by lifting that handset. Make calls first, put off email until later.

I've leveraged his principles to lose serious weight on the bicycle in a few months. More importantly, I simply stopped stuffing crap into my mouth... especially carbs and sugar (note that alcohol is sugar). Discipline = freedom. Eat less and move more. I've also used Jocko's brutal truths and wisdom to stay fit and still prospect on the road in several countries.

To create freedom and work/life balance, one must apply enormous Discipline. Although we can never really imagine a true war zone, we can learn from heroes like Jocko.

How do you apply discipline in your life? Does it set you free? How do you apply it in sales? 

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